Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How Seasoned Restaurant Owners Deal With Employee Cell Phone Use

Most Effective Cell Phone Policies For Restaurants

Most Effective Cell Phone Policies For Restaurants
Smartphones are a modern marvel. A computer in your pocket that’s constantly connected. Everything at your fingertips — just don’t let it become a distraction at work!
If smartphone use has gotten out of hand in your restaurant it might seem impossible to get them off their phones and focused on work. But with these industry best practices and consistent enforcement you can.
This guide to restaurant cell phone policies will cover:
  • The problems introduced with cell phone use
  • What policies work to curb phone use on the clock
  • How to handle cell phone policy violations

Achieve better teamwork, more productivity, and higher quality service by helping your employees focus on what’s most important while at work.

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How to Protect Your Restaurant Employees From Workplace Harassment

What Restaurant Managers Can Do About Employee Harassment

What Restaurant Managers Can Do About Employee Harassment
Workplace harassment is a serious issue that is uncomfortable to discuss. Because of this it’s often swept under the rug. Recent high profile harassment cases in the media have brought attention to this disturbing issue.

This guide to dealing with employee harassment in the restaurant industry will help managers:

  • Understand the issue of workplace harassment
  • How to define and identify harassing behaviors
  • What you can do to combat restaurant harassment
It’s important to take a hard line against harassment and police employee behaviors diligently so that a culture of bullying doesn’t take hold.
As a restaurant manager, you are a leader. Your obligation is to get out in front of the issue and protect your workers. This guide to what restaurant managers can do about employee harassment will help.

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Proven Ways to Reduce Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

The Best Ways to Reduce Restaurant Employee Theft

The Best Ways to Reduce Restaurant Employee Theft
If you don’t want to bear your portion of the estimated 6 million dollars annually in lost revenue due to restaurant employee theft, then get ready for action.

This concise guide will cover the most effective steps you can take to ensure your staff isn’t robbing you blind.

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How Restaurants Can Keep Great Staff and Reduce the Cost Of Turnover

Improve Restaurant Employee Retention

Improve Restaurant Employee Retention
It’s no secret the food service industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates in business. But if you want to be a successful restaurant manager you need to hire, train, reward and retain staff capable of supporting your vision.

This guide will explain five key areas of focus that will help you lower your staff turnover rates and help you keep star players on your team.

5 Keys To Improve Restaurant Employee Retention:

  • Know how to hire
  • Compensate fairly
  • Provide training
  • Be a leader
  • Give thanks

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Setting Restaurant Employee Dress Codes That Make Sense Today

How Should Your Servers Dress?

How Should Your Servers Dress?
How your staff dress and specifically how your servers dress is an important consideration for a startup restaurant or a restaurant under new management.
How your servers dress and groom themselves says a lot about your restaurant. It’s important to establish clear guidelines in your employee manual for how front of staff presents themselves to your guests.

This guide to front of house dress code standards will cover:

  • Restaurant dress and your theme
  • Basic requirements of dress
  • Personal cleanliness and grooming
  • Personalization (jewelry, tattoos, hair dye, piercings)
  • Employee uniforms

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How Restaurants and Bars Can Avoid The Costs of EMV and PCI Non-Compliance

The Penalties for EMV and PCI Non-Compliance

The Penalties for EMV and PCI Non-Compliance
Any merchant that accepts credit cards must be EMV and PCI compliant, and that includes restaurants and bars. Although the rules for PCI and EMV are not laws, failure to comply can come with hefty fines and put the reputation and financial health of your business in jeopardy.
This guide describes some of the ways a merchant may be in violation of PCI or EMV, including what types of fines, additional regulations and expenses they may become subject to for their violations.

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The Savvy Restaurant Owner's Guide To Choosing The Right POS System

Restaurant Owner's Guide to POS Systems

Restaurant Owner's Guide to POS Systems

What’s the single piece of equipment in the restaurant that’s sure to be used every night but isn’t used to make food?

It’s your restaurant’s point of sale system.
That’s why it’s so important to do your research and find the best point of sale system for your business. Everyone does things a little differently so the restaurant POS you choose has to work the way you do.
It should be lightweight and dependable. Something you can rely on to keep working day in and day out, for smooth restaurant operations.
This restaurant owner’s guide to POS systems will cover all the bases. From basic point of sale concepts and history, up through the latest restaurant management technology that’s helping restaurant owners like you stay ahead of the competition.

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