Monday, May 26, 2014

Claim Your Restaurant's Profile

Have you checked out lately?  We recently overhauled the site in timing with our Sacramento Bee article. The homepage is now sleek and uncluttered and has a wonderful video loop depicting life in a restaurant.  From here people can do a search for restaurants without having to be logged in.
Dinnerwire claim box
We've also changed the look of the restaurant pages and want you to take full advantage of the changes for your business. To do so, hit the Claim button that you will see in the top right of your restaurant's screen.  The site will ask for some verification in order to give you access.
Dinnerwire restaurant profile
Once you have been granted access, you'll see an Edit link under your restaurant's information.
After you have accessed the Editing page, you'll be able to update information such as:
  • your restaurant's hours
  • cuisines - types of food you serve
  • price points
  • amenities
  • photos of your food and establishment
Some of the more important things you should pay attention to are the restaurant bio, the social media links, and video!
Dinnerwire restaurant profile details
The restaurant bio has a prominent spot on the finished page and is your opportunity to talk about what your restaurant's philosophy is, food style, and any special offerings that are available.  Right next to it is your Twitter feed.  It will show your latest Tweet.  Note that if you add your Twitter handle, do not add the "@".  
But our favorite addition is video. We want to show what your restaurant looks like while in action, not just via still photos of the food and location. To load your own video to the site, first add it to and then take their provided link and add it to you box titled "Restaurant Trailer".  Example:

We will be traveling soon and filming in other cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Portland. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when.
We also offer a professional service for restaurants that either have joined our Rezku reservation service or are willing to pay for a higher quality video that they can use for their own marketing reasons. An example is the one for Ella.

Our videographer is available at a very affordable price that will beat most services you find on your own. If this is of interest to you, please let us know. This is only available in Northern California at present.
We feel our restaurant pages show your business in the best format. We invite you to claim your restaurant and present your information the way YOU want to be presented.

Presented by Guest Innovations. Be sure to check out our affordable hospitality products RezkuWaitkuSendku, and Dinnerwire.

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