Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rezku is a breeze to use

Rezku system at Farrell's
When I go to a restaurant that has a Rezku reservation system in place, I marvel at the speed of the hostesses using it. We, at Rezku, can easily move from section to section, but it's a whole other ballgame when you see the efficiency of it in action. With just a few swipes of her finger a hostess can change a reservation, move tables to accommodate them, signify the status of the table, and type in preferences.
It's no surprise that "ease of use" is the most common attribute that is mentioned by our customers. The use of a large 28" touch screen monitor makes it easy for staff to swipe and type in details, even with the stubbiest of fingers. In fact, it's so easy to use that it made for some pretty boring interviews when I went to talk to managers and hostesses about how they are liking the system.
Quincy is a server at Crawdads River Cantina in Sacramento. "I'm pretty techy," she said. "But this system is so easy, so simply laid out, that anyone can use it."
When I asked her about what feature stood out, she told me, "There was one day when the texting feature went down and so we had to run around to find people when their tables were ready.  Boy, did we realize how much we loved the texting feature!"
Rezku system at Crawdads
What's nice about the text feature, and so much of the Rezku system, is that it is customizable. I received a cheerful text on my phone when my table was ready, "Your table is ready! Loosen your belt. You're about ready to enjoy a great meal at Crawdads!" I loved that!
Quincy also mentioned the quick customer service.  With Rezku you don't have to call Tech Support, you can just online chat with us. This feature is especially nice when it's too noisy to hear or you want the conversation with Tech Support to be private and not alert the customers.
Zach, a manager at the Sacramento Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, agrees. "We have rarely used it to fix something," he said. "Mostly we've just used it to send in suggestions. What's great is that Rezku has been quick to implement changes that make sense. They're very responsive."
Rezku also has analytics. You can see how much time it takes different size tables to turnover and then tweak your settings. It will also track covers per server and reservation histories so you can adjust service levels.  "There's so much that Rezku can do that we have yet to explore," said Zach.
We would love to show you the Rezku system, in person or via an online demo.  Our state-of-the-art touchscreen system has a low, flat fee of only $300 a month. Contact us to set up an appointment.
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