Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rezku & Guest Innovations - What's the Connection?

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Simply put, Guest Innovations is the company and Rezku and Dinnerwire are two of our products.
Guest Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Paul Katsch and Theron Luhn. Over the last couple of years a team of programmers developed and fine-tuned a new system for restaurant management and reservations.
Dinnerwire is the public face of the company. is where the public can go to search for restaurants and find details about them. Our site includes basic information and also allows for the posting of photos and even video. For those restaurants that purchase our Rezku system, this is also a place where you can make reservations.
The introduction of video is something that makes us stand out. Hundreds of sites have pictures of the locations and the food, but what does it really feel like during business hours?  Does it look comfortable and inviting? If pictures speak a thousand words, then video speaks a million.
What's nice is that restaurants can load their own videos to the site and edit their own details once they "claim" their restaurant. Instructions are in this prior blog post - "Claim Your Restaurant's Profile". All for free.
Rezku is the product designed for restaurants and therefore of little interest to the general public. Thus, is for those wishing to get information on the system, chat with us, or enter the site if they have an account.
And what is Rezku? It's more than a reservation system, it's a restaurant management system all done by touchscreen. With more advanced features than any other system and at a low flat fee, it's the solution that restaurants have been looking for.

We invite the public to check out Guest Innovations and for restaurants to find the best answer to your front-of-house at

Presented by Guest Innovations. Be sure to check out our affordable hospitality products RezkuWaitkuSendku, and Dinnerwire.

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