Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Increasing business on the slowest days of the year

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While the busiest days of the year are easier to strategize for, there are opportunities for the slowest days of the year as well. According to the (NRA), these days include Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Superbowl Sunday.
Many Americans will do the traditional thing of staying at home and making their big meal of family favorites for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those restaurants that stay open, they often find that they have the largest day of covers for the year. After all, there are millions of people without a place to go or the ability to cook. Each year more and more Americans are opting for dining out. While even restaurant staff want to spend time with their families during the holidays, incentives and the offer of alternate days to close the restaurant might be worth the increased number of covers you could capture on the holiday.
You would think that after hours of shopping people would work up an appetite and need a break for a meal. Yet Black Friday is one of the slowest days of the year. Consider teaming up with a local business for a promotion such as 10% discount with a store's receipt and/or they offer a 10% discount with your restaurant receipt. Creative cross promotions with other businesses can benefit both parties.
Big sports events are similar to Thanksgiving and Christmas in that many people like to host their own viewing parties with their favorite appetizers. Restaurants with TVs have an easier time drawing in business to watch the game with plenty of eats and drinks. For restaurants that can't draw the viewing crowd, this is where offering catering options can pay off.  Create large appetizer party trays or full easy take-out options for people to take home for their viewing parties.  There are plenty of sports widows and non-sports fans as well. You can draw them in with the promise of a quiet meal away from all the revelry.
A good way to improve a slow day is to do a Customer Appreciation Day. Run a promotion to entice your customers in on a day that is traditionally dead. Discounts, games, contests are all things that your regulars will love. You can give an extra bonus if they bring in a first time guest and thereby create an opportunity for you to capture a new customer.
Every restaurant tries to boost their monthly, quarterly, and annual sales. Concentrating on improving poor performance days into high earnings days is often an easier route than trying to improve already busy days. Focus your energy here and you could see some impressive growth.
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