Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maximizing your table inventory during service

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Part of a restaurant manager's job is running the numbers. Not a favorite job, but a necessary one. Besides inventory, orders, payroll, and receipts, there are also analytics that need to be reviewed to see what products or practices are cost effective or have a good return on investment.
It is just as important to review front-of-house operations as it is for back-of-house. This includes table inventory. A restaurant's table inventory relies heavily on the following items:
  • Are the turn times for table sizes appropriate for each meal time?
  • Do you have the proper ratio of servers to tables?
  • Are your covers/tables per interval correct for your FOH and BOH to manage?
  • Do you have the correct number of tables available for online reservations?
  • What are the minimums/maximums you are willing to take online reservations for and is your system set up correctly?
  • Is your system flexible and easy enough to tweak settings for each table, meal, day?
Knowing turn times for your tables makes little difference when you are still relying on a "pad and paper" method of tracking your floorplan during service. With the paper method you are always playing a guessing game as to how much longer an occupied table has, where they are in their meal, and when it will be available for the next party. It also makes it difficult to correctly quote wait times to patrons when they add their names to the waitlist.
A proper FOH management system can maximize your table inventory. In other words, more tables turned over in an efficient manner, increasing your headcount and, thus, revenue.
Both Rezku and Waitku  take into the account the following when calculating wait times and when tables will be available:
  • Every tables min/max seating capacity
  • Turn times for different size tables
  • How long have current parties been occupying their tables
  • Other people already on the wait list.
To make flow even better, Rezku Prime allows you to view your floorplan's seating fluidly for the meal and move parties on-the-fly all with color coding and a touch-screen interface.
Technology = efficiency and efficiency = revenue.  Switching from pen and paper to a smart, efficient system can help you to boost your numbers.
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