Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Restaurant Reservations via Facebook

dinnerwire widget
For established restaurants the returning customer is like gold — a commodity that is prospected and then treated like a treasure. It's the returning customer that keeps a restaurant afloat. After all, there are only so many new customers before that pool runs dry.
Today the way to stay connected to customers is through social media. The most important of all social media presence is a Facebook page. Restaurants can connect to their regulars/fans on a daily basis by enticing them in with tempting photos of food, special event announcements, and coupons or offers.
There's no better time to capture a reservation than right when the customer is enticed by something on your Facebook page. That's why it is important to have a reservation widget on your page. In fact, your Facebook page will receive many more visits from regulars than your actual restaurant website, making it the most valuable location for reservation widgets.
With the Rezku system you have the ability to easily connect with Facebook so that a Reservation tab is added to your Facebook page — making it a quick and convenient link for your customer.

Taste Restaurant is located in Plymouth, CA.
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