Thursday, July 16, 2015

Run your FOH from anywhere

This week we got a fun call from a client. She had one of our extra apps loaded on her smartphone and even though she was away from the restaurant, she called in to the wait staff asking why it was taking them so long to bus the tables. Her staff was a bit shocked.
Some might consider it a good thing; others, not so good. You can now manage (or micro-manage?) your FOH from anywhere in the world if you have the right tools.
There are many tablet based apps out there for FOH management, but what Guest Innovations found out in the very beginning is that tablet apps can only do so much. Tablets are limited by memory, speed, and by the reliability of their connection to wi-fi. That's why we developed our core product to be a highly robust cloud based system and instead use our tablet apps as free companion pieces to enhance our main system.
Your restaurant's Rezku system lives on the cloud ensuring that there is never a loss of data or reservations should you suffer a power or internet outage. Your system continues to run and store data and when it can connect again, syncs the data to the cloud.
Rezku comes with two free apps that can be downloaded to as many devices as you like. While serving different purposes, by also connecting to the cloud they are able to provide live, current data for the restaurant. This makes them handy to use while walking the floor of your restaurant, working in the office, or, hopefully not often, from the beach.
Yes, other companies offer tablet apps to run your FOH, but be sure to ask and/or test their ease of use, speed, and whether you can you can still run your restaurant when the internet or power go out.
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