Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to school restaurant promotions

August is the month of Back to School. Many have already started on their year round schedules while others are stocking up to start at the end of the month. It's always fun to use themes to attract customers and Back to School is a great one.

Family Meal Deals

You can attract a lot of harried parents and their kids with special meals. They are tuckered out from buying all those school supplies and new outfits so that the last thing on their minds is making dinner.  "Kids eat free" is the most obvious and widely used. Another is a family package meal, especially if you do a lot of take-out business. For example, a large pizza with large salad, and dessert or maybe large shared entree (think lasagna, enchiladas, roast beef) with sides and dessert.

Teacher Appreciation

Everyone loves teachers.  Not only do they deserve better pay, but they often use their own funds to buy school supplies that their districts can't/won't supply them. Restaurants can offer a Teacher Discount during the month or host a Teachers' Day event. 


Many children and their families cannot afford the necessary school supplies or clothes for a new school year.  Organizations put on events to collect filled backpacks or clothing and shoes. Consider a 10% discount or a free item for a donation to your fundraising effort while you help out a child in need. 

For Parents

There are plenty of themes for parents with children. Host a Back to School happy hour or Adult Play Dates party. There are thousands of single parents, both men and women, which makes hosting a Single Parents party or speed dating party a fun way to meet other single parents. 

For the Kids

Hold a contest for kids with a prize of a new backpack or gift certificate for a meal or school supplies. It can be as simple as a coloring contest for 8 and under, a drawing contest for the older ones, or a photo contest. 

There are many ways to attract customers with a theme in a variety of creative ways.

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