Monday, September 28, 2015

Better guest service with chits

Most restaurants are familiar with chit printers. They are most often a part of the point-of-sale (POS) system and used to either print receipts or print orders for the kitchen.

While chit printing via POS takes care of the business transaction, it does little to enhance the guest's experience. By connecting a chit printer to your front-of-house (FOH) management system, you can greatly improve your interaction with your guest's and their overall experience dining with you. 

A good FOH system will have a database that keeps track of all guests and their information. Besides emails and addresses, it should be able to keep notes about guest. 

  • What are their birthday and their anniversary dates? 
  • Who are members of their family? 
  • Do they have allergies?
  • Do they have a seating preference?
  • Misc - big tipper, favorite wines, likes desserts
Have a chit printer up at your host stand. When a guest is ready to be seated, print their information and hand it to the server. This gives the server a heads up as to how they can improve the guest's experience. If they know that a guest doesn't drink alcohol, they can do away with offering the drink menu. The server can wish a happy birthday to a guest as they seat them. 

Servers should pay attention to the service and note anything that might be useful to add to guest notes. Have them jot these notes on the chit and then return it to the host at the end of the service so that the new notes can be added into the FOH system.

Guests will feel special and enjoy the special attention. All it requires is a FOH system that prints chits and the wherewithall to enter in guest notes.

All of Guest Innovation's products have the ability to retain detailed notes and be used with a chit printer. 

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