Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Slots vs Covers Pacing

Rezku Prime

There are a million different ways to run a restaurant. For restaurants that take reservations, pacing is important to maintain an even flow of guests and orders. The last thing a manager wants is to swamp the kitchen with orders creating a backup and angry guests waiting forever for their food.

The most common methods for handling pacing are by Covers and by Slots.

Cover pacing - how many orders can your kitchen and staff handle in a time interval. Example: 20 covers per 15 minute interval

Slot pacing - setting a number of tables by size for each time interval. Example: 4 4-tops, 3 2-tops, 1 6+top every 15 minute interval

An issue with Cover pacing is the variations which don't always work in your favor. For example, if you set pacing at 30 covers per interval, that could one day be 3 tables of 10 or it could be 15 2-tops. If you only have a couple of servers on duty, trying to give proper attention to 15 tables could be problematic. 

This is the main reason that many restaurants, especially chains, prefer slot pacing. They can set a number of tables they want to seat and,  if necessary, change things on the fly.

With Rezku products all bases are covered. 

Rezku Prime offers a choice of Slot, Cover, or even a blend of the two. For example, set your Covers at 30 but your Parties (tables) at 10. The system will recognize both and close the interval as soon as one of the limits is reached.  This method gives greater flexibility than pacing just by covers alone.

Another feature in Rezku Prime is the ability to offset banquets. You don't want to take a reservation for a large party of 30 and it wipes out your interval(s). By setting a Banquet notification on the party, it removes them from the cover count for the interval.

Rezku slot pacing
Rezku Tablet slot pacing
Our Rezku Tablet offers Slot pacing as the preferred method. With a couple of taps you can quickly add, alter, or block slots in your intervals, giving you flexibility at a moment.

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