Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get to know your customers before they walk in the door

Imagine how a guest would feel when you say "Happy birthday!" directly to the birthday boy/girl. Or if you already know what dishes will be best to suggest for their allergy needs. Guests will be thrilled to be treated special with personalized service all because you gathered the information before they even walked through the door. 

It's easy to provide such information to your servers if you are able to collect the information beforehand. Things like allergies, seating preferences, what occasion they are celebrating. By arming your servers with the information, they are able to focus in on the needs of the guests in a way that makes them valued. 

This sort of attention is what entices a guest to return and become a regular diner at your establishment. When you treat them as part of your family you make them want to return again and again. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they indicate they want to be seated outside and your reservation system automatically assigned them a patio table?

Or how about automatically sending guests a flyer about your next event attached to their reservation email?

All of these things can be done via reservation widgets on your website or Facebook page.

While many other reservation companies do have the ability for guests to add a special request, none are as customizable and automated as those offered by Rezku Prime. With Rezku Prime you can be very specific about the information you collect. Then, if you have a chit printer, you can print out all the information for the server as the diner gets seated. 

AllergiesRezku Prime allows the restaurant to set out specific buttons for the diner to click such as "Nuts", "Dairy", etc. Or you can simply ask "Allergy?" and let the diner fill in a field.

Occasion: You can put out buttons for "Birthday" or "Anniversary", but with Prime you can actually ask "Whose?" or "What date?"

Seating: You can ask your diners whether they prefer indoor or outdoor or even be specific by rooms. If a diner clicks that button, the tables are all pre-assigned so that the system is smart enough to know to seat an outdoor request on the patio.

Upcoming events: With Rezku Prime you can create a document that can be attached to email confirmations. Imagine making a reservation for this weekend and you see that the restaurant is having a wine pairing dinner with a winery you are very interested in. By clicking the "Wine dinner" button you will automatically get the flyer with all the details of the event attached to your reservation confirmation for this weekend. 

Daily messages: Restaurants can even customize the messages that go out for every meal, every day. Monday's lunch message might say, "Monday lunch special: Tuna Melt with Fries and beverage for $6.99" while the dinner message says, "Margarita Mondays! All margaritas are $5 all night long!"

Rezku Prime is so customizable that our clients create new ways to ask or share information with their diners all through the widget. 

Contact us to learn more about Rezku Prime and all its features. 

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