Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Controlling server rotations make for happy servers

Managing staff can be one of the most difficult tasks a manager or owner has. There are so many different personality types, age differences, backgrounds, etc. All come into play with how we interact with each other. But one thing remains constant — happy workers not only make a happy workplace, but also leads to happy customers.

A large part of a server's earnings is their tips. Tips come from tables. Therefore, more tables will hopefully mean more tips. Better yet, tables with more covers. 

Managers might just be seating their restaurant, but servers are thinking about how many tables and covers are they getting because it could mean a good night or a bad night in tips.

That's where server rotation comes into play. 

With Rezku Prime you have the ability to pick between an auto rotation or a manual rotation style. You also have the ability to choose how the rotation will work. Some want servers to be assigned according to cover counts so that they all remain relatively equal in the number of customers they served. Others go by "next customer", a server is assigned to the next customer through the door, regardless of party size. 

With server rotation in manual mode, you can pre-assign servers to their sections, but not open a section until that server comes on duty. The same for when you release servers at the end of their shift — the system will stop assigning to those tables.

Rezku Prime has many features and this is just one. Our goal is to make front of house operations as efficient as possible. Contact us for a demo to see how you can get an advanced FOH system for an affordable price with no cover fees. 

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