Monday, September 26, 2016

Restaurants need great curb appeal

If the first rule of real estate is "location, location, location", then the second rule is that your property needs to have good curb appeal. The same holds true for restaurants. After all, curb appeal is a property's first impression. If your restaurant doesn't look attractive outside, no one will be interested in entering.

Signage should shout out your location so that you can be identified quickly when a person is driving down the street. If they can't find you easily, they may give up and go elsewhere. The design of the sign should reflect your theme or personality in every aspect: size, font, colors. Example: Western steakhouse with a Western style font in earthy colors on a wood-like background. 

Can passersby see into your restaurant? Think of the window as a framed picture. If you were going to take a photograph with the window as the framing element, then the objects in the picture need to be attractive, colorful, and add a sense of depth. Things such as drapery, lights, and plants can all add to the appeal. These are also important if you have a patio at the front of your restaurant.

There has always be an industry standard of seating guests at window tables first so people can see that you have customers! Regardless of an occupied table or not, the table and the interior need be attractive and clean. Be extra attentive of window or patio tables. Don't let dirty dishes remain or vacated tables go un-bussed. 

It's often said that patrons will judge a restaurant on the cleanliness of their bathrooms. The same can be said for the exterior of the restaurant. Even if you don't own the property, act as if you do. Remove trash all around your restaurant and in the parking lot, even if it's not from your restaurant or directly in front. Wipe down your windows and front door on a daily basis, if not more. 

Patrons want to feel safe when coming for dinner at night. If necessary, work with the property owner to ensure that there is an abundance of lighting surrounding your restaurant and in the parking lots. Mount security cameras and post signage that the property is being monitored by video surveillance. 

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