Saturday, December 2, 2017

Waitresses Should Never...

Working in a restaurant is very fast-paced and the restaurant’s staff must meet the needs of the guests and the needs of the restaurant. It can be very demanding and stressful, especially during busy hours.

We understand that food will be made wrong, waitresses will sometimes not get the order 100% correct, etc. Mistakes will happen, and we understand that, but when you are a guest at a restaurant, there are certain expectations of the restaurant staff. 

We do not understand or agree with waitresses partaking in rude or unprofessional behaviors that affect the guest’s experience. 

I came across a great read by Bruce Buschel about things the restaurant staff should never do. While reading this, I was surprised at how many things that should not be done, are done by restaurant staff. 

The restaurant’s success will be decided by the staff and how they treat the guests. It is important to ensure the restaurant staff is not giving negative experiences to make the guests not want to return to the restaurant. 

Let’s take a look at Bruce Buschel’s 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do Part 1 and Part 2 that was published in the New York Times Blog. 

We will not discuss all 100 things, but we will discuss some that I have personally experienced that should not be happening as common as they do. 

Number 50: Do not turn on the charm when it is tip time. Be consistent throughout. 

This is personally one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to waitresses. The tip is for the service received throughout the entirety of the meal, not just at the end. 

Please, do not waste your time turning on the “charm” at the end. It will not change the impression you made during the meal. 

Being consistent throughout the meal will earn yourself a tip because that is the demanding work. The end of the meal, when the guest is paying, that is the easy part. If you want a tip, you must earn the tip. 

Number 62a: Do not let a glass sit empty for too long.

Okay. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve when I go to a restaurant. Nothing else can make me as irritated as this. I must have something to drink while I am eating. If I do not, I will not eat my food until I have something to drink. 

Of course, guests understand when a waitress is super busy, it may take a moment or two to receive a refill. But if it is not busy, what is the reasoning? 

The biggest thing I see is a waitress talking to other employees and they are not paying attention to their tables. That is very unprofessional and will create the guest to have a bad impression. 

Number 75: Do not ask if someone is finished when others are still eating that course.

Asking one guest if they are finished, makes the other guests feel as if they must hurry to finish too. It makes the guest feel rushed. Guest want to enjoy their food and conversate. 

A waitress should never make the guests feel rushed to finish their meal. Why? Well, because they are paying to dine at the restaurant and they are also going to pay for the tip.

Number 77: Do not disappear.

Disappearing for anything longer than a few moments is not good. The guest will feel as they are not important enough for the waitress’s attention. 

If the waitress is taking too long, the guest may get impatient and ask another waitress for their assistance. 

This will then cause the other waitress’s tables to have to wait longer for stuff. It just is not fair to the guest and the other waitresses.

Number 88: Do not ask if a guest needs change. Just bring the change.

If the waitress asked me if I wanted the change, I would say YES. And guess what? Because of that question that was asked, I will keep all my change. 

Because more than likely, I was going to leave the change for the tip. Asking if the guest wants the change is just the same as, “are you tipping me”. 

It is rude and very unprofessional. That is one way to lose out on tips.

The restaurant staff tends to do things that should not be done quite often. Not only do their actions affect the guest and their experience, but it affects the restaurant and even the servers because of the reduction in tips. 

It is important, as a waitress, to ensure the guests have a wonderful experience. This will make the guests want to come back to the restaurant, but it will also increase the waitresses tip amounts. 

Who does not love more money? So why not? Of course, you can do the bare minimum, but it will not be beneficial. 

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