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How to Drive Restaurant Sales With A Digital Menu Board

How to Drive Restaurant Sales With A Digital Menu Board

What you need to know about digital signage for restaurants

Every year technology becomes more affordable and with this process of lowered prices for computers and LCD displays come new opportunities for independent restaurant owners to market their brand to guests.

Digital displays are popping up everywhere!

Traditional menus and displays in restaurants use backlit printed graphics. They look great, but they’re expensive to change and most importantly – they are static.
In today’s media-heavy environment people are used to something more stimulating and attention-grabbing.
Some of the ways restaurant owners are using digital signage:
  • In-store advertising – Got a new promotion you want to push? Want to get people hungry for more or know about your catering business? No better way to get people to look than to run a personalized mini-advert on a screen where you know customers are going to look. Next to the line is a great idea.
  • Digital Menus – This is the big one even small restaurant owners are looking to implement. The signs are bright, eye-catching, easy to change and can feature video and animations as well. The menu can be changed to feature daily specials, seasonal products and promotions running on an automated schedule timed with period pricing in your POS system.
  • Interactive Kiosks – This is the most advanced technology. Some restaurants use digital display kiosks to allow customers to order their own food. Even if you’re not quite ready to replace your servers with a computer, there are many other features that a kiosk can be used for. Guests can put themselves on the waitlist, sign up for your restaurant guest loyalty program, or check their gift card balance.

Comercial Digital Signage for Restaurants

LCD Displays – You might be under the impression that these screens you’re seeing all over are just regular LCD TVs like you might get during a black Friday sale. And while it’s true that the consumer TVs can provide a very low-cost playback of restaurant marketing and menu videos there are some important differences, you need to consider before choosing between consumer grade LCD TVs and commercial digital signage.
Consumer TV ScreensCommercial Displays
Designed to run 4-6 hours a dayDesigned to run 24 hours a day
Bright enough for a dim living roomBright enough for a well-lit restaurant
90 Day or 1-year warranty typical4-year commercial warranty
Narrow range of operating temperaturesWider range of safe operating temperatures
Lower initial costLower long-term costs
Regardless of the type of display you choose to implement, you’ll likely need additional hardware and software that can manage your digital display.
Graphics Controler Hardware – A consumer grade “smart tv” will have media playback capabilities built in but you won’t be able to change the playback from your computer or run multiple displays as one, also known as a video wall.
To accomplish this, you’ll need some type of controller box that is network connected and powerful enough to drive graphics to multiple displays. There are lots of choices, and the specific hardware is outside of the scope of this article, but a search for digital signage controllers will get you well on your way.
Options range from desktop computers, specialized video boxes and stick-PCs, small computers that plug directly into the HDMI port of the display.
Digital Signage Managment – The next piece of kit to consider is the digital signage software. There are many choices of specialized tools designed to help restaurant owners manage and update the content shown on their menu boards and in-restaurant advertisements.
When budgeting for your digital signage makes sure to include the cost of licensing this software. Always try before you buy, as switching your solution will not be easy once you’ve been using it for some time, as it’s unlikely that the files will transfer directly to a new system. You’d end up in the unfortunate situation of having to re-build all your content.
Mounting and Wiring Another aspect to consider is where you want the displays to hang and how to accomplish this. The good thing is that most LCD displays and TVs use the VERSA mount standard on the back. This gives you many options for how to mount and angle your menu board.
Another thing to consider is wiring, which could include both power and networking cables depending on the solution you choose to go with. Always be careful when running wires and make sure that your installation is up to code.
Graphics and Video Last and certainly not least, you’ll need something to playback on the display screens. This could mean trying your hand at design software or hiring a local designer for help. Creating new videos for your restaurant can be fun and who doesn’t like showing off their amazing food creations in beautiful, mouth-watering high definition?
Budget your resources accordingly. Good photography, graphic design, and video are not something you want to cheap-out on. After all, this is what all your hard work leads to. This is the message you want your guests to see!

DIY Or Hire A Consultant?

Although converting to a digital menu board for your restaurant can be as simple as buying a big-screen TV and popping in a video to play, to go beyond the basics means adapting and learning new skills.
If you want to be able to remotely manage and run multiple displays the costs and complexity of the technology can ramp up quickly. You may choose to take advantage of a local solution provider who has experience with the hardware, software, electrical and graphics design requirements. Many such service providers exist and should be able to take your vision and give you a clear estimate of the costs before you get started.
Now you’re ready to get started working on your restaurant’s digital menu!


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