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Making Your Own Restaurant Commercial

Making Your Own Restaurant Commercial

The tools to make a restaurant ad for TV and web

It’s fun to think about making a video advertisement for your restaurant. The possibilities are endless. And your dream can become a reality with a few tips and equipment you mostly have already. Making your first budget commercial is an achievable aspiration.

TV or YouTube Video?

When considering what type of video to make, think about your option in the context of your target audience and your budget.
  • Airing a commercial on TV – Local TV ads are a great way to increase foot traffic and make a name for your restaurant. Since TV is free over the airwaves, you can be sure that you will reach a massive audience. The down-side is that TV time is expensive, especially if you want to be placed in the middle of a good show. Also, there is no targeting. Your ad will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who may or may not be interested in eating at your restaurant.
  • Youtube and Web Ads – Online commercials take advantage of technology that tracks the behavior of people closely so that advertisements are highly targeted. Rather than showing your ad to the whole world, the only ones who see your commercial online are the ones who meet a specific profile. While the up-front cost can be much less for web ads, they are seen by far fewer people. In that way, the cost per view might actually be higher than television. However, those views are targeted to those most likely to respond.
When choosing a medium to show your restaurant commercial, the primary consideration is your target audience. What are their likes, dislikes and what are they most likely going to have their eyes pointing at?

Finding An Idea For A Restaurant Commercial

The key to finding a hit idea for a restaurant commercial is understanding the motivations and interests of your target customers. This is the same thinking that drives everything behind your restaurant so, in theory, it should be easy. Just know your customers!
Who eats at your restaurant? How do you “speak their language”? Now show a taste of what to expect when someone comes to your restaurant. If it’s a fun family atmosphere or a hip achievable, then show it and capture your target’s attention by setting the same mood for your commercial.

Restaurant Video Commercial Equipment

You don’t need much to make your first commercial, there are lots of “low budget” local commercials that become quite famous. But you will need some basic equipment.
  • Camera – iPhones today have a high-resolution camera, although you can’t change lenses they are quite suitable for your first commercial. Just make sure to use a tripod and hold the phone correctly. For a more professional look, a digital SLR camera used for photography can double as a video camera.
  • Microphone – You’ll need to record better audio by getting your microphone close to the speaker. The simplest solution is to use a wireless lav mic. The kind you see pinned to people’s shirts when being interviewed. The output can go directly into your camera and will improve the sound significantly. Just don’t film anywhere there is a lot of echo or background noise like passing cars and lawnmowers!
  • Lighting – Not enough light is a sure sign of an amateur video, and no one will be able to see what’s going on! Shooting outside or next to a large window is a simple solution to this problem. However, too much light, like from direct sunlight is also a problem. Open shade or overcast weather is the best for natural looking video lighting that’s just right.
  • Video Editing Software – Now you get to the fun part. Editing your video, adding music, graphics and most importantly, your address and phone number! You can find free and low-cost video editing software for Mac and PC. With a little trial and error and tech knowledge, you should be on your way!

Maybe You’d Like Some Help?

Don’t feel like you have to do it all by yourself. Maybe you feel like more of a director than a video editor or audio technician. Your local community should have professional and hobbyist filmmakers you can reach out to. A great tip for finding local professionals that can help get your first restaurant commercial off the ground is to search for wedding videographers on Craigslist. Explain your vision and get a quote!
Your restaurant video ad vision is cheaper and easier to achieve now than ever before. Using video to drive traffic to your restaurant is an excellent addition to your restaurant’s existing marketing campaign.

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